Today marks World Design Day, dedicated to celebrating the tremendous value of design in our world and its capacity to effect change by pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and improving quality of life through good design.

World Design Day was first celebrated in June 2007, though it was then moved to April to mark the founding date of the International Council of Design.

It can be easy to overlook the significance of design, as we often only see the final product. The hours of planning that go into any one idea are usually hidden, but it is crucial to recognise how design can transform our world with new ideas and knowledge. From the technology we use to the clothes we wear and the towns and cities surrounding us, design is all around us at any given moment.

What if the measure of design was how well it cared for the world at large rather than profit?

This year’s theme for World Design Day revolves around the question, ‘Is it kind?‘ and encourages adjusting commercial perspective at the planning stage to prioritise socially and environmentally ethical quality over profit. It is the recognition that through inclusive design, we can face global issues in an impactful way to shape our world into one that allows for more accessible, sustainable and equitable products.

Design in Textiles

At MOON, we are incredibly fortunate to have the level of versatility our mill in England allows. Not only are our original designs woven on-site, but our fantastic team of in-house designers empowers us to develop and create new design concepts for our stock-supported fabrics and also for bespoke projects per customer requirements.

From the fibre type, colour combinations, patterns and testing, each member is highly skilled in their craft to continually push the boundaries of design to improve and innovate where possible.

After initial selections, the concepts are produced into prototypes, which undergo further selection scrutiny to ensure they meet our standards of quality and style. Only designs that satisfy every requirement are approved for larger-scale production.

Our latest throw collection from Bronte by Moon, The British Wool Collection, was designed and launched in collaboration with British Wool and the Campaign for Wool and focuses on ensuring greater social responsibility, responsibility, traceability and quality. Each design was planned to create a high-quality, luxury textile product that was fully traceable to UK sources, ensuring ethical practice and fair compensation across each part of the supply chain.

We are extremely proud of the advancements we have made to continually innovate our products that put sustainability at the forefront, thanks to our incredible design team.

Our British Wool Collection can be found on the Bronte by Moon website at:

You can also find our in-house designed, stock-supported fabrics by clicking on the following links, depending on your requirements: