Masters of British-Made Cloth

Founded in 1837, we have perfected the art of textile manufacturing. We are experts in the creation of premium cloth for both Apparel and Interiors – with over 185 years of proud British manufacturing and design heritage to our name.

Our cloth boasts unrivalled character and quality, and to this day we are proud to be one of a select few mills within the UK that manufacture and sell our cloth directly to our customers from a single site.

Use the links below to find more out about Our Heritage, Our Mill, our efforts for Sustainable manufacturing and about the Benefits of Wool.

Our Heritage

Founded in 1837, our story is a celebration for the British Textile industry. From the humble beginnings of a tenacious clothier in a fledgling Leeds Textile market, to the international renown we hold today – supplying some of the biggest fashion houses and interior designers worldwide.

Our Mill

Our woollen mill is a fully functional vertical mill, based in the idyllic landscape of Yorkshire. The term ‘vertical mill’ was coined during the Victorian era, and related to the structure of the building, which was optimised to ensure efficient movement of material through the manufacturing process.


As a prominent figure within the textile industry’s global community, we are passionate about the importance of preservation for generations to come through our actions within our craft and beyond.

Benefits of Wool

We are huge advocates for the use of wool in textiles – it is a highly eco-friendly fibre that is grown annually on sheep, and boasts an impressive number of inherent properties that make it a fantastic choice for fabric construction.