We're working hard at Abraham Moon to strictly adhere to the latest UK Government advice to manufacturers on all preventative & distancing measures with regards to COVID-19. It is our aim to keep all of our team members as safe as possible while on site, whilst also maintaining our consistent level of quality for both product & service. With this in mind you can see measures which we have enacted below, with a more detailed view provided in our regularly updated Risk Assessment document.


  • Full site sanitisation with a cleaning agent (Zoono) that lasts up to 30 days.
  • Purchased specialist cleaning equipment to allow full site sanitisation every 3 weeks in all areas.
  • Wherever possible, asking staff to work from home when there is a need to self-isolate.
  • Set limits on the number of people allowed in canteens at one time with 1m+ distancing in place where advised by current guidelines.
  • Take employees temperatures every day and record the readings. As of 19th July 2021 this will no longer be policy, but digital thermometers will still be made available for staff on-site.
  • All visitors and contractors to sign in with track and trace details on-site before commencing their visit.
  • Put up awareness posters throughout the factory & office areas to remind of employee requirements.
  • Given all team members their own provision of hand sanitiser.
  • Made PPE available to employees - gloves, masks and face shields (at their own discretion).
  • Ordered and installed perspex screens to separate desks in all office areas and our QC lab.
  • Held regular remote meetings with managers and sent weekly letters to all other staff to communicate all company updates.
  • Multiple weekly Director level meetings to monitor progress and any updates from government/industry.