Supervisor for Dry Finishing

Abraham Moon & Sons is looking for an experienced supervisor - to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Dry Finishing department within our Guiseley-based woollen mill - ensuring that tasks and activities are completed efficiently.

Key Responsibilities


  • provide support and guidance to employees working withing the Dry Finishing department, remaining visible and on-hand to resolve issues and queries.


  • Ensure Dry Finishing employees are trained and competent.


  • Proactively work towards creating a multi-skilled Dry Finishing workforce.


  • Dual ownership (alongside the Finishing Manager) for workforce planning to maintain efficient production throughout the Dry Finishing department.


  • Oversee the day-to-day tasks and proactively guide and direct employees.


  • Maintain complete and accurate inventory control and order consumables and wrapping as required.

Skills & Experience

This role requires competence within the area of textile Dry Finishing, however we are also keen to recruit a supervisor who has a passion to learn and develop and have bring an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Attention to detail is vital in order to deliver the quality that we and our customers expect.

There is an operational aspect to the role and the supervisor should be equipped and prepared to carry out all Dry Finishing tasks, such as:

-              Intermediate and final inspection

-              Dry Finish machinery

Applying initiative is crucial in ensuring any hands-on work undertaken by the supervisor facilitates efficiency within the department, to include.

Personal Qualities:

Safety is hugely important at Abraham Moon & Sons. We are proud of our impressive machinery, but it also comes with risks, and so anyone working within our Mill must always have a safety-first attitude.

Your primary role is a Dry Finishing Supervisor, but we will also expect you to work towards being multi-skilled within the Finishing department, so that you can grow and develop with Moons.

Being a team player is also really important, as you are playing a key role within a wider production process. It’s amazing to watch the journey as sheep wool becomes a beautiful piece of woven fabric and we need every person within the process to play their part.

We are an international brand with a long-standing reputation for innovation, design and premium quality, producing authentic wool fabrics and accessories for leading fashion brands and interior designers worldwide.

As one of the select few in the UK who can perform all processes at a single site, we boast remarkable versatility and the ability to control each process to meet our exacting standards. Each of these processes requires incredible expertise and finesse, which is where our fantastic, diverse team come into play who champion a culture that encourages leadership, creativity, innovation, and learning, interacting as one team, irrespective of position or level.

Even after almost two centuries in business, we remain incredibly ambitious with big plans for growth and expansion. End-to-end technology integration, growing new routes to market, and increasing brand awareness are just some of the exciting new projects in the pipeline, with plenty more to come.

To apply for this role, please send your CV and covering letter to our careers team using the button below. If you have any further questions, please contact our HR team at