Design Team Leader

Abraham Moon & Sons is looking for an experienced and ambitious Design Team Leader to manage the delivery of the projects and workload of the Design Team for all three product areas of manufacture at our vertical woolen mill in Guiseley. 

Working alongside the Design Director, the successful candidate will help to lead the Design Team as we continue our exciting period of change and development. This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced individual to make a big impact on the ideation and delivery of new creative products and procedures. 

Key Responsibilities


  • In collaboration with the Design Team, the Design Director and Head of Brand Development and Marketing, contribute to the planning of all new projects and collections, creating and managing the timelines for delivery.


  • Respond to and manage the workload for special customer projects including involvement in Key Account Management.


  • Work together with all production departments, the Marketing team, the Sales team, and the Pattern Room team to manage all collections from initial plans to launch.


  • Collaborate with the Quality Assurance Team on monitoring and improving fabric performance across all three divisions.


  • Work with all departments on improving and implementing systems and standard operating procedures.

Essential Requirements 


  • A degree in Textile Design specialising in woven structure.


  • A minimum of 5 years' experience working within a relevant industry.


  • Proven research and design skills.


  • A good technical understanding of all processes from fibre to finished cloth.


  • Skills and experience of team management and, in particular, delegation, motivation and employee engagement.


  • Excellent communication skills with the team, interdepartmentally, and with suppliers and customers.


  • Excellent organisational skills - required to create project timelines and work with other departments on changing parameters and deadlines throughout projects.


  • Confidence with the ability to organise and chair regular meetings, write reports and deliver presentations.



Desirable Criteria 


  • Good understanding of Quality Control and fabric performance.


  • Key account management skills.


  • A good understanding of yarn types and processes.


  • Experience with Gantt, Filemaker and Microsoft Project.

Work alignment:


  • Aligning the functional goals with the company direction.


  • Ensuring that the plans for the next three to six months match the function goals including adequate resourcing to undertake these.


  • Using problem-solving skills, when necessary, tracking department performance using KPIs and regular meetings with the team.


  • Ensure the department aims to continually improve by monitoring and reviewing processes.


  • Ensure the department does not participate in issues that should be resolved by others.


  • Can assimilate and change department direction should business information change.


  • Building relationships with key stakeholders within and outside of the department.


Active leadership and the delivery of a one-year plan:


  • Collaborate with peers to ensure 'buy-in.


  • Use effective information to track progress.


  • Share true information regularly to encourage honest discussions.


  • Manifest inclusivity in your leadership style.


  • Give and receive regular constructive feedback.


  • Reflect and lead on company culture, living our company values every day.


  • Only engage in adult-adult style relationships.


  • Influence the engagement of peers and own team.


People development and succession management:


  • Strive to get the best out of your direct reports.


  • Provide coaching and stretch projects for employees' growth.


  • Ensure that each member of your team has been cross-trained for personal development and departmental reasons.


  • Buddy employees up for sharing information and skills and readying for change.


  • Actively manage poor performance within procedural parameters.


  • Recognise work well done and provide recognition.


  • Recognise those employees who show high potential and are ready for their next move, providing support where required.


Making decisions within a customer-centric framework:


  • Understand how your decisions affect cross-functional areas and their dependencies.


  • Exercise sound judgment when making decisions.


  • Manage and communicate with stakeholders.


  • Keep the customer at the centre of the decisions you make.


  • Meet with your team as regularly as possible to discuss issues and opportunities for solutions.


  • Understand consultation and what you should share.


  • Identify the best solution to issues when faced with multiple options.

We are an international brand with a long-standing reputation for innovation, design and premium quality, producing authentic wool fabrics and accessories for leading fashion brands and interior designers worldwide.

As one of the select few in the UK who can perform all processes at a single site, we boast remarkable versatility and the ability to control each process to meet our exacting standards. Each of these processes requires incredible expertise and finesse, which is where our fantastic, diverse team come into play who champion a culture that encourages leadership, creativity, innovation, and learning, interacting as one team, irrespective of position or level.

Even after almost two centuries in business, we remain incredibly ambitious with big plans for growth and expansion. End-to-end technology integration, growing new routes to market, and increasing brand awareness are just some of the exciting new projects in the pipeline, with plenty more to come.

To apply for this role, please send your CV and covering letter to our careers team using the button below. If you have any further questions, please contact our HR team at