The Wall of Fame

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Having recently created a Moon ‘Wall of Fame’ in the showroom suite, immortalising all those wonderful people who have come to visit the mill alongside images from a selection of our apparel partners, we thought we’d share a few of these pictures with you on the blog too. Who pulls of the best Moon look?

(Clockwise from top left)

Idris Elba – Wearing a Kempadoo Millar Flat Cap to the recent premiere of The Gunman.

Alexa Chung – Selecting her favourites from the Tommy Hilfiger Tech Meets Tradition Collection of AW14-15

David Tennant  Former Doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith meet with David in a Holland Esquire Jacket.

David Mitchell & Robert Webb – That Mitchell & Webb Look? Blazer Stripes. Who knew.

Boris Johnson – London’s Mayor takes a trip to Boston in London Transport Museum’s Moon-made Routemaster Scarf.

George Clarke – C4’s Restoration Man on his recent visit to the mill in February 2015. We’ll forgive him for the lack of tweed.


Idris Elba - Kempadoo Millar Flat Cap   Alexa Chung - Tommy Hilfiger Willis Duffle Jacket   Dr. Moon - David Tennant in Holland Esquire Jacket

That Mitchell & Webb Look - Blazer Stripes   Boris Johnson - London Transport Museum Routemaster Scarf   George Clarke with Design Director Martin Aveyard