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J.Stark Tie Holder using our Melton Wools Finch fabric.


We’ve been wanting to do this for a while; a feature on all of the weird and wonderful items our customers have created using Abraham Moon fabric.

This has been a true journey of discovery in revealing the diversity of our creative colleagues, with everything from animal doorstops to tartan-clad cars making the final selection.

While the cars will certainly grab the most attention, it’s the subtle use of our Melton Wools Finch for the loops on the J.Stark tie holder that caught our eye this month (pictured right).

Japanese products make up the remainder of the list with the tweed-style slippers, blazer stripe pencil case, and tartan check tissue holder.

For each item we have detailed the corresponding company, so that if anything does capture your imagination you can treat yourself. Be warned: some of these beautiful designs have already sold out or are one-off items. And yes, that does include the Buzzispace Mini’s. Sorry.

We’d love to do more of these posts and are always interested in what new ideas are evolving from our fine wools whether it’s related to apparel, interiors, or a market that’s yet to be realised.

If you have a product in Moon fabric and would like to be featured, E-mail marketing2@moons.co.uk.


Pictured Below (Top to Bottom)




Buzzispace Mini Blue Buzzispace Mini PinkFofo Cafe Slippers DD Online Slipper BootsFofo Cafe Tissue Holder Tailorism Pencil CaseHannah Williamson Dog Door Stop Hannah Williamson Chicken Door Stop Hannah Williamson Owl Door Stop