Unique Fabric Creations II

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Following up on our original unique creations post from April; here we find more of the projects that, to be perfectly honest, we never thought for a moment we would see our fabrics used for!

Keeping up with the vehicular theme of last time, our main feature is the distinctive seating formed by Kahn Design. Using our Westminster Check (Lambswool), these luxurious pieces are part of a further collaboration with the Chelsea Truck Company, re-imagining the classic Land Rover Defender.

Further Moon-inspired items come in the shape of Hi-top shoes and sneakers, luxury fabric Ear muffs, hand-crafted Tweed keyrings and scented Christmas tree decorations. We’ve linked the featured brands below, but bear in mind that some of these products are not currently available to buy en masse!

Our customers, collaborators, and fellow wool-lovers are always surprising us with the ability to think so far outside the box, that the box has ceased to be. We’re looking to keep up with more of these posts and are always interested in what new ideas are evolving from our fine wools whether it’s wearable, decorative, or just plain weird.

If you’d like to be featured in Edition III in the near future, send your Abraham Moon fabric creations to E-mail marketing2@moons.co.uk along with your Company/Brand name, link to product (if available) and contact information.


Pictured Below (Top to Bottom)


Kahn Design/Chelsea Truck Company - Luxury Seat  Kahn Design/Chelsea Truck Company - Luxury Seat

Mischief - Admiral Hi-tops                         Mischief - Admiral Sneakers

Ear Muffs by Castano Ear Muffs by Castano

Tweed Keyrings by DaisyBelle on Etsy   Christmas Decorations by Daisybelle on Etsy