Time for a Summer Holiday

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After a brief blog hiatus thanks to the Harrogate Exhibition, it’s all of a sudden come to that time of the year again. Whatever you want to call it. Mill break, maintenance weeks, production shutdown, Summer holiday, ghost mill…we’ve used them all here at Moon over the months leading up to our annual three week summer shut down (official title).

All the machines in the mill are now off and getting thoroughly checked over by our maintenance department until the 24th August, when we’ll be able to get back up and running at 100% for the year ahead.

This is common practice across all textile manufacturers as well as those from other industries. It gives us the chance to complete any and all mechanical improvements in one go without disrupting the hallowed production line.

We’re also going the extra mile this year aesthetically and getting parts of our historic entrance courtyard re-cobbled.

Without the usual noise and exuberance around the mill, a walk from one end to the other now becomes an almost eerie experience, but it does give us the best opportunity for a few new photos without the worry of getting the lens jammed in a flywheel.

You can see a selection of these below, a mixture of wide angles, super close ups and hidden machinery. Click on an image for a zoomed view.


Autumn Yarn Cones  Blended Bale  Spinning Yarn

Empty Spinning Department  Empty Weaving Department  Carding Machine Inner

Blending Sticker Art  Weaving in Technicolour  Loose Threads

Courtyard Cobbling  Spinning Yarn 2  Yarn Boxes

Multispot Weave 3  Multispot Weave 2  Multispot Weave