A Question of Experience

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This week we’ve had the pleasure of Emily Johnson joining us for work experience as she looks to make her way in the Textile Industry. For this weeks Blog we’ve asked her a few questions as she learns more about the way we work at Abraham Moon and explores the mill through the eyes of the different departments.


Abraham Moon in Loom


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a textile design student, about to embark on my final year, studying in Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders. I am spending a week at Moon getting a small taste of what life is like working within the woven textile industry. Moon products have always been a huge part of my life, having grown up with my dad working in the industry, so I was extremely excited of the opportunity to spend the week here

What were your first impressions as you were shown around the mill itself?

I was blown away by the shear size of the mill and company, much bigger than I had ever imagined. As a student, it really is mega exciting to see first hand a real working vertical mill. The smell of the wet wool, the massively loud noise from all the looms, seeing all colours and designs being created, and even just watching the people in action is truly inspiring.

What have you been up to so far?

I’ve been all over the mill, helping in lots of different departments. I’ve been alongside the amazing designers getting a glimpse at whats coming up, seeing how all the pattern books and swatches are made, being involved within meetings with customers and even working in the lab doing testing!

And the most surprising aspect of the experience?

The creating of and unique blending in the colour of yarns is really amazing. There can be up to seven colours within one yarn, and I was fascinated to learn that a shocking pink or a lemon yellow can be used to create a charcoal grey.

As a Student of Textile Design, what’s your favourite Moon Furnishing range?

The new Elemental collection I would say is my favourite so far. I am totally in love with all the colours used, especially the pink raspberry and the jade tones. I find the more modern style of the some of the pieces such as the blurred/ombre checks/patchworks very exciting and interesting and think they look really fab on upholstery, a great contrast against the more traditional styles.

And for Bronte by Moon Accessories?

It has to be the Lambswool Throws, I have two on the end of my bed whilst I’m at uni and not only do they look lovely and feel amazing, they are a savoir for all the cold nights in a student flat! The colours and designs on offer are so beautiful aswell, I want them all!