Meet the Moon Makers #1

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Through monthly posts, we’d like to introduce you to more of the team behind the scenes at Abraham Moon & Sons with a series of 5 minute interviews, hopefully giving you a better insight into the people behind the product. With 250 staff to choose from we estimate this gives us about 21 years worth of blogging material; so do bear with us if you’re on the lookout for a familiar face.

First up… Jasmine Owen, who has just completed her apprenticeship with us 6 months early!


Jasmine Owen - Portrait   Jasmine & HRH


Name:   Jasmine Owen

Department :   Quality Control QC Lab

Time at Moon:   Nearly 2 years


Ok, so Jasmine. Welcome! Describe your job at Moon in 5 words.

Friendly faces, interesting features, insightful.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

It’s nice to work for a company which has such a good reputation & heritage. Also getting to see a lot of interesting designs coming through the lab.


Did you meet Prince Charles on his visit to Moon?

Yes! He asked how long I’d worked here, so I told him, and he replied with ‘oh so they haven’t scared you off yet then’.  I said ‘not yet’. He laughed, then left!

Any hidden talents to share?

I’m grade 5 on the Saxophone.


Your 15 minutes of Fame.

When I was 15, my Dad helped me climb up on stage at a Bring Me The Horizon concert and I hugged the lead singer! I also once had a Blog on Tumblr that had over 4,000 followers (ed. – that’s more than Moon! Need some pointers…)


Quickfire Questions

Favourite Food – Pumpkin Katsu Curry from Yo Sushi (ed. very specific…)

Favourite Drink – Gin & Tonic

Favourite Holiday Destination – New York

Favourite Karaoke Song – I’ve never sung Karaoke…what do I sing in the shower…? Believe by Cher!

Favourite Pub/Bar – Space in Leeds

3 things you can’t live without – My boyfriend, my mum, and my 2 dogs.


And that’s a wrap! Watch out for more ‘Meet the Moon Makers’ in the near future…