The History of the Cutty Sark

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Moon bring you one of our favourite customer projects; a number of our Chalet fabrics have been chosen for a wide array of furniture at the Cutty Sark Pub in Greenwich, London.


You may have heard of the Cutty Sark, one of the last surviving Victorian clipper vessels. What you may not know is that it made it’s name on the dangerous wool run to Australia.

The ship sailed from England to Sydney in 77 days, and having loaded well over 4,000 bales of wool, returned to the UK in an unprecedented 73 days. This was the beginning of ten years of domination of the wool trade by the Cutty Sark.

This feat was all the more remarkable given that the ship was at the time halfway through her working life of 30 years. Established as the fastest vessel on the wool run, she was the last chance to make the English wool sales in January.

We’re exceptionally proud of not just our own history but our industry’s history, and although our supplier and distribution channels may have changed with the times, we certainly owe a lot to ships like the Cutty Sark.

Now, our wool is brought in from proven sustainable sources in South Africa and New Zealand, with all bales being delivered to the same place as when Abraham Moon opened our first fully vertical mill in 1868.