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Unique Fabric Creations

  We’ve been wanting to do this for a while; a feature on all of the weird and wonderful items our customers have created using Abraham Moon fabric. This has been a true journey of discovery in revealing the diversity of our creative colleagues, with everything from animal doorstops to tartan-clad cars making the final

The Unique History of Clan Tartans

Tartan represents one of the most powerful and iconic exports of Scottish life and culture, and has been a mainstay in the world of fashion and design since Victorian times. Whilst there are always anomalies to the rule, the Scottish Tartan Authority generally defines the design as “Woven bands or stripes of various colours and

The Intrigue of Tweed

Tweed has become an all-encompassing term, ever-rising in popularity in its use to describe check and herringbone patterns in country colours. The recent rise in the need for tweed has come about as the public has taken British heritage items to it’s collective heart; the celebrated ‘Country Gentleman’ look is seemingly here to stay. But

2014: A Brief Preview

While we’re sad to see the back of 2013 and what was an exceptional year for Abraham Moon, we’re just as excited to welcome 2014 and everything it brings our way! This year is special by way of the fact that we have not just one, but two new furnishing fabric collections to be officially
Our latest Furnishing fabric range, due to be launched January 2014, is taking it’s final steps towards completion after initially previewing at Decorex earlier this year. We even have an official name to announce – The Dales Collection – which will be split into two seperate volumes grouped by colour story. The volumes, yet to be named