For example, posts about new collections/designs/colours and style advice.

New Collaboration: Wood Bros x MOON

We’re delighted to introduce you to a fantastic new collaboration between ourselves and Wood Bros; another Great British success story who have been designing and making fine wood furniture for over 90 years. The Wood Bros Compact Upholstery collection has been lovingly created & crafted using Moon fabrics for the entire range. All products have, of course,

The Moon Difference

A fabric is just a fabric, right? A material. A cloth. Whether it’s Wool, Leather, Linen, or multi-coloured pipe cleaners woven into a basket-like mesh, how much difference truly is there between your traditionally bought garment making or furnishing fabrics? At Moon HQ, we’ve come up with a few of our own unique touches which come together
Welcome back! The Moon blog is a year older (but not necessarily a year wiser) and finally back up and running for the new year. It’s been a whirlwind start with seven trade shows already under our belt across all three of our product divisions and eight new collection launches to boot. We’ll explore all this and

At The Courtyard: A New Moon

We’ve been busy in our shop at The Courtyard (Settle, Yorkshire) re-fitting railings and shuffling stock around until we’ve hit our retail nirvana! Nestled away nicely inbetween the award-winning Courtyard Dairy and the entrance to The Brasserie, we’ve got a great new range of Mens and Ladieswear Coats & Jackets in stunning Moon fabrics at 20% off in

New Lifestyle Shots: Naturally Moon

Our latest Furnishing collection, Naturally Moon, was launched online earlier this week. Naturally Moon offers a wave of neutrality and warmth, bringing together traditional plaid patterns with mottled twills and modern geometrics. Smooth shades of Taupe, Ivory, and Hessian have been meticulously made from our mélange colour palette, bringing a unique look to both modern and classical