Showcasing Bronte: The Best Ways to Display

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The burgeoning Bronte by Moon range of throws and cushions has been around the world, from London to Shanghai, New York to Tokyo. After the ever-exciting Spring Fair exhibition (Sunday 1st to Thursday 5th February), our interior accessories are taking a well deserved break from the show circuit to concentrate on looking great in our showroom.

Throughout this journey, we like to think we’ve picked up a thing or two in product visualisation and the art of display. It’s about time we share a few of our own tips with you; how to optimise the sales potential of Bronte products in your shop (or even in your home!)


Colour Group

For the exhibitions, we co-ordinate our units by colour. With the size of the range, this keeps everything looking luxuriate and uncluttered, whilst still offering the opportunity to be a bit playful when it comes to certain colour stories (tartan throws matched with plain autumnal shades looks fantastic). Colour co-ordination also makes it far simpler to create a seasonal story, for example Aqua and Sage in Spring/Summer vs Mulberry and Heather in Autumn/Winter.

Design Family

Within the units themselves we more or less consider them as concessions, smaller selling spaces making up individual parts of the full range. Once colour matched, we often then group products by design. This can either mean a selection of different patterns in the same colour tone for a bit of variety, or matching the same pattern in complimentary colours, perfect if your shop has a particular image or identity.

Folded, Draped, or Hung?

As you can see below, we favour folding our throws together. This not only means you can display a proper product grouping in a tight space, but is easy to keep neat and givers passers by a chance to fall in love with the luxuriate touch. Draping can be great to create a window display (especially with our Union Jack blankets) and while hanging the throws takes up a great deal of space, it really does help show off those with oversized patterns or double-sided designs.


Props can be just as important to an overall display as the saleable product itself. We always have enquiries about our Welsh Dressers, so much so that they’re the furniture of choice for our new showroom, painted dark to make sure the colour palette really stands out. In the past we’ve used a number of other vintage furniture pieces from around the mill, including side tables for a stack of cushions and wooden yarn holders to hang throws.


Send us pictures of your best retail displays including Bronte by Moon accessories to; we’re always amazed by the novel ideas our customers come up with and would love to invite a few of you to the trade showroom to have a look at how the Bronte story begins!


The Bronte by Moon Showroom Display A Folded Design Family

Bronte Exhibiton Stand and Dressers Colour Co-ordination for a Seasonal Display Exact matches provide a more simplistic story