New Collaboration: Wood Bros x MOON

We’re delighted to introduce you to a fantastic new collaboration between ourselves and Wood Bros; another Great British success story who have been designing and making fine wood furniture for over 90 years. The Wood Bros Compact Upholstery collection has been lovingly created & crafted using Moon fabrics for the entire range. All products have, of course,

Meet the Moon Makers #1

Through monthly posts, we’d like to introduce you to more of the team behind the scenes at Abraham Moon & Sons with a series of 5 minute interviews, hopefully giving you a better insight into the people behind the product. With 250 staff to choose from we estimate this gives us about 21 years worth of

The Moon Difference

A fabric is just a fabric, right? A material. A cloth. Whether it’s Wool, Leather, Linen, or multi-coloured pipe cleaners woven into a basket-like mesh, how much difference truly is there between your traditionally bought garment making or furnishing fabrics? At Moon HQ, we’ve come up with a few of our own unique touches which come together
Welcome back! The Moon blog is a year older (but not necessarily a year wiser) and finally back up and running for the new year. It’s been a whirlwind start with seven trade shows already under our belt across all three of our product divisions and eight new collection launches to boot. We’ll explore all this and

Merry Christmas & Best of the Blog 2015

With the mill winding down for the year (finished on 22nd December!), we thought we’d take a quick hop through our 2015 posts and see which were the most shared, liked, and retweeted of the bunch. It’s certainly been a busy old year at Abraham Moon; a Royal visit, a new showroom, and more product