Unique Fabric Creations

  We’ve been wanting to do this for a while; a feature on all of the weird and wonderful items our customers have created using Abraham Moon fabric. This has been a true journey of discovery in revealing the diversity of our creative colleagues, with everything from animal doorstops to tartan-clad cars making the final

The Unique History of Clan Tartans

Tartan represents one of the most powerful and iconic exports of Scottish life and culture, and has been a mainstay in the world of fashion and design since Victorian times. Whilst there are always anomalies to the rule, the Scottish Tartan Authority generally defines the design as “Woven bands or stripes of various colours and
We recently had the pleasure of showing Leeds based photographer Mark Webster around our mill. Here are the results in all their glory, documenting the inner-workings of the mill and the people who truly ‘make’ the fabric. For more from Mark, you can visit his own website and photography blog at www.markwebsterphotography.com/blog