Tartans are colourful check designs adopted in Scotland as means of identification by various Highland clans as well as families and sects under their protection. Tartan cloth is woollen or worsted in twill weave. The traditional garment is the pleated kilt, but it is also now used for trousers, shawls, scarves and fashion garments.

5009-A01 5009/A01
Dress Gordon
6331-A01 6331/A01
Netherfield Tartan
6302-A01 6302/A01
Dress Stewart
6300-A01 6300/A01
Antique Dress Stewart
Dress Gordon, Netherfield & Dress Stewart 100% Wool (Worsted)
Antique Dress Stewart 100% Wool
Dress Gordon 290 g/lm
Netherfield & Dress Stewart 260 g/lm
Antique Dress Stewart 450 g/lm


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